[010] ☿ New Year
ami ♥ always gentle
[Ami appears on the screen, looking thoughtful.]

Did you have a good New Year's dream? I thought about the custom of New Year's resolutions. I thought about making a few for myself, and working to accomplish them.

I still will, but I thought it might be more important to make some resolutions together. To talk about what we want to change and improve in the worlds here. Of course, being able to revive our worlds and return home is the priority, but we can't ignore where we are, either.

[Filtered to Senshi and Kunzite from here, unhackable.]

[A bit later, she appears on the screen as Mercury. Her message is brief and to the point.]

I've learned some information we should discuss


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♪ fifth water clone [video]
[There is a Cheetah peering down into the communicators, Star Kingdom. What do you do? Scream? Panic? Wonder who got ate? But don't worry, it's just Demyx, and he appears to be holding something small, white, spotted, and fuzzy in his mouth by the scruff of its neck. And then he appears to grin around the bundle of fuzz.

What he meant to be private ends up going out to the whole network.]

'ey, Hexi! I go bits bate 'ut ay gah' ya someth'n!

[Now, does this count as kidnapping, or cub-napping?]

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✖ Dante ✖ Mission Five: Resolutions // Wonderland
Dante ✖ Objection!
Happy New Years, fellow prisoners. [A chuckle, he thinks he's being funny.]

I just want to say that for all of you who actually gave me a present during these holidays, you did the right choice. You're obviously so filled with giving that nothing but good-cheer and all that positive crap this season has to offer will touch you in some way, bless you, or... whatever the hell it does. You're just going to have a lot of it. You did well. Makin' me proud.

To all you other asshole's that don't fall under this category, not including the Jedi's because it's against the rules to give people things I think...-

[And he's crossing his arms, frowning at the feed.]

You guys suck.

Seriously, unless I've never met you, and that's the only scenario I'm willing to accept here unless you convince me otherwise, there's no reason why you didn't give me something. It's the season of giving and you guys failed. That's all you had to do: give me something. You know who you are. I'm not gonna point fingers. The only one who's allowed not to give me crap is my boss because that's who they are, they're supposed to be dick's. We all know this. No boss is immune to it. I'm not gonna say names here, but he knows who he is.

Hope you liked the mug. Asshole.

[ Video ]
[ There is a very confused Terra here. After missing out on the whole Christmas thing, and then trying to figure out just what was so special about a new year - well just how many holidays are there? ]

I don't think I can keep up with everything. Are there many more special days ...ah - I mean, holidays, that I should know about?

We don't have any back home ... at least, that I know of. [ Amnesia is annoying that way. ]

Oh um -- and ... I know it's very late, but I wanted to buy "Christmas presents" for some of my friends here. Look, the moogles even wrapped them with that colorful paper for me!

[ As she turns the feed, she blinks in surprise because her chicobo Feathers is currently tangled up in a bit of ribbon. ]


[ Here, she abruptly hops up to help the chicobo, knocking the device to the floor before she can say who the gifts are even for. Oh well, she'll get to it! ]

→001. [video]
[Aerith had arrived a few hours ago, injured and extremely confused. It had taken a couple of moogles some time to calm her down and explain what they could.

Not that they'd given her much to go on - something about Heartless, Darkness and her planet. Very vague information that gave her a million more questions and no answers.

Once the moogles helped her heal, shown her how the communicator worked and sent her on her merry way, Aerith turned on the device, testing it out. She was glad she had a way to contact people, even if they turned out to be a huge group of strangers.]

Hello! I hope this thing is working right.

My name is Aerith, and I arrived a few hours ago. I got a summary of what's going on from a few moogles, but I didn't get a lot of details. They seemed to be in a rush.

[Which was actually a little funny, they seemed so busy. It was a little hard to take them seriously, they were so cute. Shaking her head at her train of thought, she smiles at the camera.]

Anyway, I'd be grateful if anyone could fill in some of the blanks for me. I was told I'm in Traverse Town, but that's all I know about the area.

[There is a long pause as she tries to think of anything else - should she ask for her friends? Ask about her home? She decides to just leave it as it is for now and the video cuts off.]

018 ❀ Video
Uh Oh ❀ I didn't do it
[Lizzie sat quietly at a table, a cup of fruit tea within her hands as she put it to her lips.]

The festival last month was a success.

[She smiles slightly, taking a sip of her tea before putting it down again.]

And it has got me thinking about something, though I know I shouldn't, but... there are so many individual woman who had great success in business.

[She pauses slightly, her finger tracing the outline of her cup, her head filled with various ideas and possibilities.]

Would anyone even want to have there party organized by me. I've only even thrown two myself.

[She sighed moving her hand away and placed it gently on her lap.]

I don't know what to do... I want to start my own business, but I'm not sure if that would work out. What do you lot think?

It's almost New Year! Let's do something fun.
Yes sir~! -winks-
[Traverse Town Video / Action]

Good evening to everyone in the Kingdom of Stars. New Year is near, in a couple hours.

[Barnaby, with his usual smile on his lips, is currently at a bar, holding a glass of drink. Not very alcoholic, for obvious reasons.]

And I am wondering if anyone care for a drink, or even an impromptu get-together at a bar? It is supposed to be very casual and relaxing - no preparation necessary. I just thought it would be nice for everyone, regardless of strangers or friends, to gather and welcome the new year together.

Oh, there are non-alcoholic drinks available, of course. 

Feel free to reply if you are interested, or you can come straight forward to the only bar at Traverse Town. 

[Switches off video.]

✖ Voice / Video ✖ Mai + Traverse Town
[The distinct sound of rustling fabric is audible for a few minutes until a light clatter indicates the communicator has been dropped. A voice, feminine to say the least, heaved a sigh as a very familiar Kupo! followed.]

How many times do I have to repeat myself: I don't want anything.

[There's more voices now.]

Take this! You have to eat something, kupo!

I told you I'm not hungry. Just keep moving and leave me alone.

[And there was another clatter and the feed turned on displaying two floating moogle's holding a small saucer with a pasty before a very unhappy newcomer. She realized the comm-link had fallen and bent down to pick it up, brushing it off and ready to stuff it back in the sleeve she had it in. The moogle's didn't seem to make any motions of leaving, she clearly wasn't surprised even as they edged closer with the pastry.]

I hate this place.

New Years
[Video / Destiny Island Action ]

Hello, everyone! Jeffy and I were kind of talking… Oh! Jeffy is my stuffed teddy bear!

[Sae exclaims as she realizes many people won’t know who Jeffy is. She even sits him up at this time so the camera can get a better look at him. ]

I… well, I guess I was the one doing all of the talking! [Giggle.] But, I was just wondering how do you celebrate the New Year here?
There are so many worlds. Does the year change on different days for each of them? Will there be fireworks? What about resolutions, do you still do those here?

I resolve to focus on my schoolwork more, even is I am not always good at tests, and make much more of an effort to learn more about my magic!
What about you?

01 - Pocky Sticks
big blue eyes
[Video / Traverse town Action ]

[ A pair of big blue eyes stare deeply into the camera before she pans the view out enough to capture the rest of her and some of the surrounding around, Traverse Town with its near constant darkness. It made a comfortable enough place for a vampire to arrive but she did have questions. ]

What is this place? How far away from Cross Academy is it?

[ She paused maybe wondering if she should ask this next part but her expression never changed. ]

Shiki? Are you here too?

16 ❄ Video
❄ Back to normal
[The feed switches of to reveal Fai, counting out the various amounts of munny that had been paid to their shop via goods of food people had ordered. He carefully divided it into the four piles, one for each of his staff members as well as for Yuuki, whose body he had taken by accident a while back. As well as the usual pay, he made sure to add the bonus for working over the holiday period. Next to him sat a bottle of wine and a full glass of the stuff. Once he finished with the piles he picked up the glass and drank a small amount of liquid, a smile placed firmly on his lips.]

It's been a rather busy month, but I think overall it was a good one, don't you think?

[He finished off the glass before pouting himself another one. Swirling it around the glass he looked at it, before glancing over at the communicator.]

To the employees of The Cat's Eye, I have sorted out your pay for this month if you would like to collect it within the next week, work hours will also be returning to normal from the New Year.

[He paused for a moment, making sure the names were written down next to the piles, pausing to look at one in particular.]

As to Yuuki... I would like to talk to you privately when you are next free. I also have given you some munny for the time you spent during the swap incident.

OO4 - [ accidental video ]
[ my, how they mighty have fallen.

the communicator flips on and it appears to be sitting on a nightstand. there's a familiar looking brunette lying there with his back turned to it. it looks like he might be sleeping, but it's the middle of the day. he's wrapped up in blankets and then there's a cough from him with a few sniffles followed. he lays there for a while, then finally rolls over, curling up with his eyes lowered and then coughs into the blankets again.

of course he's sick, he spent too much time in Christmas Town! but he won't say that he actually is because then he wouldn't be TOUGH or even know that his communicator is on...until someone says something to him at least ]

13 ♣ Video
[Smile] | I'm not faking this
[Oz switches on the feed to reveal... a bunch of small Eevee, yep, they have officially hatched.]

Ah, this thing is finally working again, I wonder what was wrong with it before.

[He pauses for a moment to think about it.]

Anyway... to the people who wanted a pet, they finally hatched. It will be a couple more days before I can officially hand them over, but I thought you should at least know they are officially here now.

3 ☆Olympus Coliseum [Video]
☽ For what purpose do I truely live for?
[The feed opens to the Coliseum entrence where Juudai is sitting on the stairs. He looks a little nervous and figity but it's clear he's not moving from his spot.]

That wasn't a bad trip, I think I'm getting the hang of this world travelling.

Terra, I'm here, if you need me to wait I'll do so.

[Private to Yubel, Seto Kaiba, and Junouchi]

Kaiba-san, Jounouchi-san, Don't worry about me any. Though I doubt Kaiba-san will. I'll be back soon, sorry I negected to tell you I left.

Yubel, don't follow me. Just stay there till I come back. I'll be fine.

[Accidental Voice Feed]
A monochrome banner | In the wind

[The feed is audio, clicking on apparently in the middle of an argument. With two voices that may or may not be familiar and missing for some time.]

--Put me down, I'm fine. Why are you acting so weird?!


Because?! Come on, Riku, put me down. It doesn't even hurt that much!

You couldn't even move a few days ago.

And I've been healing it. It feels much better. So stop...being all weird!

I’m not the one throwing a fit on the stairs.

I'm not throwing a fit! You can help me up the stairs but I want to be on my own two feet.

Too late.

Too la- oh, hey it's my room... okay, can you put me down now?

Happy to. [The sound of bedsheets shifting.] I'll tell your parents what happened when they get back. 

N-no, wait, what are you planning to tell them?

They'll need to know something. You won't be moving around much for another few days.

Well don't go saying it like that.  Mom will worry and dad... might start acting as weird as you are... and I can move! See? *Starts to get out of the bed*

Sora. [A gentle thump.] What do you want to tell them? 

Ah... [A grunt and Sora apparently sits back down.] I'll think of something. I just don't want them to worry.

...I'll stick around if you want me to. 

Oooh no, three days of your worrying is more than enough. I can take it from here. Heal. [Sounds of a Curaga spell going off.] See?

So you'll tell them about busting your ribs so they can do it instead?

[Sighs] You refuse to make this easy, huh? I told you I'm fine... go home and get some rest.

 Right. After I tell your parents.

Stop it, okay? I told you I'm fine, I know how to take care of myself, I'm not helpless, so please, just stop it. Stop worrying so much... 

[ An indistinct rustle, very like a hand ruffling spiky hair.] Alright. I'll be back tomorrow. 

Thanks... [A smile in his voice.] ...hey...


...Bring snacks when you come back!

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☆ [003] ☆ Kurosaki Ichigo // Video // Twilight Town
Ichigo ☆ Trust the strawberry
[Christmas has all ready passed but by the scene on the comm-link, Ichigo is wrapping a present. Whatever the box was, he's not using conventional wrapping paper but what appears to be a random newspaper. He's so into his work he doesn't notice the device recording. He's making quite a lot of mess and using far too much tape for a simple present.]

Just a little more on this corner- there, I did it!

[He lifted up the box. Truth be told, it looked pretty miserable. He had put too much newspaper and hadn't bothered to tear the excess, he just wrapped it up several times and the bulges around the sides proved that. Regardless of how it looked, he was proud of his handy work.]

Hey Nel, it's probably not much but I got somethin' for you. We should meet up somewhere. I don't know...

[And he reaches inside his pocket.]

I got a bit of munny left. We can get somethin' to eat? It's not exactly an appropriate Christmas but it's gonna have to do.

[He gave the feed a smile.] Merry Christmas.

[VIDEO] X004
[The live feed shows Jounouchi and Juudai standing in front of Jou's current place of residence. Jou has big grin on his face and is waving at the camera]
Hello there! I do hope you guys catch our live feed!

We are throwing a Xmas party here! [He turns camera to shows at the house] And you guys are invited to it. Let's all have fun together!

[Yells] You are all invited!

[Backdated to Xmas day]

♡ Fourth Heart (Best Present Ever, Video/Action for Traverse Town)
angelo tricks
[Rinoa's wearing a coat but not any other winter wear, filming herself with the device held in her outstretched hand as she walks through Traverse Town and looking mildly irritated about something.]

You know, at this time of year, there should be snow falling. I never thought I'd be upset that I didn't see it, but somehow spending-

[She's interrupted by a bark, definitely from a dog - and she instantly goes silent, looking over to the left, camera tilting crazily as she takes her attention off it.]

Is that...? [The bark comes again, and again, closer both times, and she gasps, eyes widening just before she drops the device completely as she sprints in its direction. There's some insane bouncing and clattering and finally it lands on its side, still somehow filming, catching Rinoa in its upper corner shrieking with happiness and falling to her knees to hug the brown and white dog that's run up from between two of the buildings, still barking and enthusiastically trying to wash her mistress's face and jump all over her at the same time.]

ANGELO! You came, you're finally here!

004 [Video]
Oh wow you are special
-y birthday, kupo!

[The camera was lying on the ground next to a very startled Noel. There were three moogles at her door, each with a little Santa hat. One was carrying a small cupcake while the other two were hoovering with a happy birthday banner.

It seems that the camera wasn't even suppose to be on, because no one was looking at it. She must have dropped it when she answered the knocking on her door.]

B-But....wait how...but I... [Noel was at a complete lost for words. She didn't tell anyone about her birthday...how did they find out?

She finally just smiled, and took the cupcake from the moogle.]
Thank you...very much.

[The moogles nodded, each giving her a hug before they flew off, chanting carols along the hallway. Noel just stood there now, staring at the lit candle before she closed her eyes and blew it into smoke.]

OO3 - [ video ]
[ it's all quiet when the feed for the video comes through. Terra's just standing there in a mound of snow looking completely bewildered by everything ]

...It's snowing. And it's so cold.

[ behind him, red and white brick houses can be seen with glowing lights on them. he looks around at everything, trudging through the snow as a small shadow snaps from side to side on the ground, following behind him ]

I wonder why I ended up here. [ he pauses ] This is Christmas Town, isn't it?


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